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Church-wide Bible Study

PBC Church-wide Study

"Spiritual Disciplines Within The Church"


Cost of Book - $11


Why This Book?

  • For the glory of the Church

  • Contend against the consumeristic view of the Church

  • Contend against the privatization of spirituality

  • Encourage those who love the Church

  • Help growing Christians learn about the Church

  • For anyone interested in helping build up the Body of Christ

Type Of Study

  • Christian Living

  • Spiritual Growth

  • Spiritual Formation

About The Study

This will be a 15 Week study which includes an Introduction week and concludes with a Review week.  Actual study is 13 weeks long (one Chapter per week).

Study start date:

Introduction: 26 October 2020

Actual study begins: week of November 2, 2020.


Groups will have until 27 February 2021 to complete the study in its entirety which allows for Holidays, Church events, groups requiring longer study time.

If you are currently doing a study with your small group, continue the study until the Churchwide study begins and resume when this study is over.

Need a book and Information?

Individuals who do not purchase a book on their own, can purchase on from the Church, after they arrive.  If purchased from the Church, books will cost $11 each.

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If You Need the Study Guide

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